Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009


Hello everybody and welcome to the Joralulu blog! You might be askin' who the fuck is the Joralulu bande...well it's just a snowboard crew from Vorarlberg Austria that consists of Jori aka Chuck Jorris, Rapi aka beivl, Luki aka Elli, Luz aka Luzi, Krischi aka Young Krischi, Sebi aka S to tha G, and Fabi aka Sändlinger. Ok enough talkin you better check out some pics of the members:
Almost the whole crew but check out the Joris gang sign, sick!

Young Krischi is angry:) !

Dj Doorn am start getting inspired for some new tracks after his success with his last two songs
Representin' the blumen kopf bus

Pow Pow and bluebird....ahh fuck bluebird, it's overrated

the Joralulu bande can skate too, well at least luki does, bs 180

legendary overshot at the fotokicker back in 2006 or something, how can you survive that? sebi geiger

tailblocks are my favourite trick haha

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